Fitting Socks

This sock will allow you to custom form your MY FIT liners at home. All you need is an oven or a strong hair dryer! For Instructions on fitting you’re MY FIT liners at home, check out the » VIDEO ≪.

Remember…these can be used for multiple fittings over and over again so hold on to your kit for future fittings!


Anatomically shaped, and fitted perfectly to both liner and foot. Micro holes in front- and midfoot part for ventilation and fresh feet at all times. Keeping your feet in perfect shape and making them resistent against fatigue. Some extra thickness in the heel part for shockabsorption.
Do not heat in the liners. They are to be used to shim the fit of the liners after molding. They will curl up with heat.

Custom Heel Fit - X

This X shaped pice of EVA foam can be attached on the outside of the STAR liner with velcro. The X shape assures perfect fit around the ankle bones. And as each foot is different, you can adjust the position of this extra piece of ankle padding to your own feet. Giving you extra support around the ankle area, with no pain or strain on the actual ankle bones. The customer heel fit - X is replaceable and exchangeable.
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