• What Size do I need?

    In most cases, you can order a MY FIT thermo liner that is the same size as the existing liner in your skates or boots. It should be within a half size of your regular street shoe size. If you have a half size, we recommend rounding up to the bigger size. This is because it is better to have a bigger liner, with more volume to manipulate during the molding process, than to have a smaller liner that you would have to stretch to fit your foot length. The idea is to get the biggest liner possible into the shell, without the liner buckling or creasing. That way, all void space is filled, and the fitting process allows you to create room only where you need it.

    MY FIT Liner – sizing chart

  • What do the different Volumes mean?

    The volume refers to the overall thickness of the liners.
    Low being the thinnest, high being the thickest.
    For information on which volume is right for you, check out the Choose a Liner Model page!
  • Are my MY FIT Thermo Liners too big for my Shells?

    When you put the liners into the shells are there any large wrinkle/buckles in the heel or forefoot?
    If so, the liners may be too large for the shell.
    If they will go into the shell, and there is only a small wrinkle that goes away when you try them on before molding, then it shouldn’t be an issue, and molding will help to compress the volume in the cuff, just make sure you close all tight.
  • What happens if I leave the MY FIT Thermo Liner for a longer Time in the Oven as described in the Fitting Instructions?

    The low temperatures that are needed to heat uop you’re my FIT thermo liner will not damage the inside or outside materials. The liner will not get damaged even if you might have forgotten to take them out of the oven, because your boyfriend / girlfriend just came by. Never leave the liner longer than 20 min. inside the oven as the liner could “dry out”.
  • What happens if I hold the Hair Dryer too deep into the MY FIT Thermo Liner?

    Modern hair dryer with 1500-1800W can generate high temperatures. The inside material of your MY FIT thermo liner could be damaged if the air can not circulate properly.
    Better be careful when you heat up you’re my FIT thermo liner with a hair dryer. It is always better to take a little more time to heat up the material than to damage it. Please remember that the warranty expires in case of a damaged liner caused by inproper use of the hair dryer.
    We recommend to place the hair drayer not deeper than the top edge of your liner or slightly above it.
  • Can I use a Heat Gun instead of a Hair Dryer to heatmould MY FIT Thermo Liner?

    Do NOT use a heat gun! Heat guns generate a much higher temperature than hair dryer and could damage you’re my FIT thermo liner very easy!
  • What happens if I forgot to take out the innersole before heating the MY FIT Themo Liner?

    The standard innersole coming with the MY FIT thermo liner are made of NON heatmouldable (foam) materials. The heat might cause a shrinkage of the materials and the innersole might not fit perfectly into you’re my FIT thermo liner anymore.
  • I still have some Pressure Points after Heatmoulding my MY FIT Thermo Liner – What can I do?

    The heatmoulding foams we use in the MY FIT themo liner are among the highest quality foams you can find in the market. You can repeat the heatmoulding process as often as you need. The MY FIT thermo liner will not loose it´s function and performance.
    We offer a foam kit. The foams can be placed at any spot on your feet that has pressure points before you step back into your heated liner. These formes will give little extra room in your liner providing a snug and comfortable fit.
  • How do I clean MY FIT Thermo Liner?

    You can use anti-bacterial soap and water and swish it around in the liners, rinse with cold water and leave out to air dry.
    After they are completely dry, you can use an athletic foot powder to help prevent odor.
  • Will direct Solar Radiation have any negative effects on my MY FIT Thermo Liner?

    Leaving your skates featuring your MY FIT themo liner in the trunk of your car or directly in the sun for a longer time might change the mold of your liner. You may not notice anything in the first sport sesson of using it, but direct solar radiation could possibly change the mold over time. We recommend to store you’re my FIT thermo liner at dry and cool places.
  • Can I use Orthotics or Footbeds in my MY FIT Thermo Liner?

    Yes, most Liner models can accommodate an orthotic or footbed depending on the shell-fit and volume of the liner.
    All MY FIT thermo liners can be used with footbeds, provided there is sufficient room without crowding the foot. So, if you are especially attached to your footbeds, or require orthotics to correct a particular problem, you can easily mold them into any liner. Test the fitting of your orthotics and/or talk to your orthopedic shoemaker for advise.